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custom software, interactive, computational art for installation and digital prints

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melodies-grab app



Tap and sing… do you sing well? do you have created a nice melody and you want to test it and use it in Protools, Logic, GarageBand?

Send and email to your account and import the MIDI file then you can change instrument and rhythm.

melodies grab from STILO-STUDIO on Vimeo.

This app allow you to record audio from the microphone and convert it in MIDI.

Is an open source project you can find the code here:

Soon on the App Store for free until the 1st of October.

If you like it you can support us:


2016-09-09 19.08.55 2016-09-09 19.09.122016-09-09 19.09.30

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Visual Studio

A software that react to sound. A way to paint animations on screen using music .


musicismath-008265 musicismath-008589

nomidi-000001 nomidi-000005 nomidi-000032 nomidi-000036 nomidi-000079 nomidi-000223 nomidi-000232 nomidi-000233 nomidi-000271















And a video (sorry for the bad quality but the animation is too flickering and fast for the H264):

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Drive my expectation

For the collective art interactive show about Nuvolari. I prepared this installation where the visitor could drive  back and forward, while cycling, the framerate of a clip taken by the end of Miracolo a Milano a neorealistic movie by De Sica.DSC_2752