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Cacca: product of a synthesis process.

oil on canvas. 31 H x 40 W x 2 in

IMG_6884The life path of energies it has an involution curve. Now i am 42 years old i am at the maximum of energy but what will happen when i will be old. My skills will involve as the one of a kid and one day i will die. My bosons that today are dancing on the basses will stop and get cold.

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Pretzel: does the history repeat?

oil on canvas. 40 H x 32 W x 2 in

IMG_6886Germany, high level of energy here. Does the history repeat? And what if not? Today cycles in history and people philosophy are quicker, differences are spotted. Could it happen to have another world war? No, we will evolve quickly and expanding we will reach the space. The entropy will always tend to its maximum.