“Many people take great comfort dancing in the same space with loud vibrating pounding music, especially in their youth. Some having sex or sharing their lives with others. Hugging or simply watching a movie people live empathy.

After twenty years of coding in front of a computer, I lost my capabilities to accept empathy. I feel yoke and in fear when feeling emotions, it is like millions of little particles hit me, it is like chaos, it is like entropy.

My research is a way to describe and represent what I lost in life: Ability to share emotions. I think we all are losing this animal/ human capability. I try to keep a memory of empathy.”


Antonio Stilo, works mainly with oil on canvas and digital prints. His style tries to converge different art movements, naif, abstract, figurative, conceptual: “In the global village to be informed is a duty”. One of his most important canvas is “Cacca” (aka shit), where a flux of energies and their involution describe the path of a life energy’s human timeline. His style is colourful chaotic, He figures energies and empathy, usually mixing primary colours on the canvas, to create his images with shades and different colours tensions. Antonio Stilo subjects are psychological, sexual and conceptual: “everything describes empathy in different situations”. Antonio Stilo was born in Rome in the 1975 and in the 90’s was an active skateboarder, near to the street and underground culture, punk, illegal parties and everything related the DIY culture approach. Since 2012 he moved to Berlin.


Antonio Stilo

+49 173 671 9 168 

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